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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Good logo desgin

Before we go on to explain how to make a good logo I'll look at some bad ones shall we?

The stopdesign logo is fraught with many problems, Dougal would do well to look at the negativity his logo effuses, from the word stop, a negative in itself to the icon on the left which looks like a punching fist with a knuckle duster attached, would you hire this designer for your website? I think not, not know you see how agressive he is.

The hicksdesign log and band is also frizzilingy with brand identity gone astray. British designer John Hick shouldn't use leaves, espeically not with his logo on the side as it is, it suggests to the client subconscious that he is either using marijuana and so can't stand up straight, or, being British that he is sat on his backside all day drinking the leaf tea brew, which is the favourite amongst us Brits. Would you want to hire a tea drinker who can't stand up because he smokes marijuana all day? I thought not.

So how do we design a logo for a website design company that shows us for what we want the customer to believe we are, well I'll show you:

Step 1: The boundaries

We have to remember that client will be coming with boundaries and so we address those percieved boundaries in the first step of our design as follows:

Step 2: Stretch the boundaries

Then we want to show the client that we, as a company can stretch those boundaries, not in all directions of course but just in the right ones, so let's do that, let's stretch the boundaries of web design:

Step 3: Intelligent, Inventive, Innovative

With the client no subconciously believing we can stretch the boundaries it is time to show them that we are all of the above I's and that we have a sense of humor about our work as well, a good font is what's needed, and so:

So there we have it, I hope Dougal and John will find it useful when they consider their redesigning and I hope you have found it useful. Please don't steal my logo design here though, it is copyrighted for my future business.


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